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A woman in a sunhat leans out of the driver's side window of her bright orange classic car.

Protect your investment

You have exceptional taste when it comes to cars. That’s why Orbit has tailor-made insurance options to help take care of your classic or antique car. Whether it’s ready to hit the road or requires some pre-drive TLC, we want to make sure your investment is protected. 

Orbit revolves around you and your unique insurance needs.

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The classic car owner lifts the dust cover to examine the restoration work completed on their car.

Orbit has you covered

Here at Orbit, we are passionate about protecting what matters most to you. Which is why we offer the coverage you need with unique add-ons like the Hagerty Drivers Club™ to keep your investment running smoothly.  

Hagerty Drivers Club™ was created to ensure that through every step of owning, driving, and taking care of a classic or antique car, you have the hands-on support your need. Club membership includes guaranteed flatbed towing and full-service dispatch to help lockouts to tire changes, battery jumps, emergency fuel delivery, and more. 

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Custom coverage for a custom ride

Whether your custom car needs some work to get it running like a dream or you have a passion for getting under the hood, Orbit is here to support you in every part of your journey. 

Questions about how a new addition could impact your insurance? Orbit insurance brokers are specialists in ensuring you have the right coverage for your modified and custom car. You don’t want to set limits on your dream car, and neither do we. 

With Orbit, you can discover service that revolves around you.

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A grandparent works under the hood of a classic car while their son and grandson watch.
A close-up of someone sanding the paint on their classic car, getting it ready for a fresh paint job.

Stay protected during restoration

Vehicles that are at least 15 years old and have been modified from their original state may require special coverage. For the car that still needs some fine-tuning, Orbit offers the Vehicle Under Construction Endorsement add-on. This endorsement automatically increases the insured value of your vehicle under restoration by 10% every quarter to a maximum of $25,000 above the Guaranteed Value to keep up with the work being done 

You can also get roadside service designed for custom cars with the Hagerty Drivers Club (excluding Quebec)

Contact an Orbit insurance broker today to learn about what coverage is available to you! 

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Protection for the modern car collector

Do you own, or want to own, a limited or late model production car? Here at Orbit, we know that a special car requires special insurance.   

Our friendly, knowledgeable brokers can help you get the coverage you need for your modern collector car. Plus, we’ll search for discounts to help keep your premiums affordable so you can focus on what matters most.  

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A bright red limited edition sports car driving on a scenic highway.
A charcoal-black modern collector car driving fast on a scenic highway.

You take care of your collector car, so let us take care of the insurance!

Orbit insurance brokers are collector car experts, no matter what you need help covering.  

All policies include Guaranteed Value in the event of a total loss and coverage for covers or spare parts to ensure that your investment is protected. 

Learn more about the coverage available to you and your custom car by contacting an Orbit insurance broker. 

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The car lover’s community

For any car enthusiast, the Hagerty Drivers Club provides the protection your car needs and the exclusive on car culture and special discounts that drivers enjoy. For $55 annually, all Club members can attend exciting in-person events to keep the passion rolling, get access to a like-minded community through forums, and receive helpful resources and topline coverage! 

The Hagerty Drivers Club also provides you with a membership to the Historic Vehicle Association, which supports the preservation of car culture. But let’s not forget about the great coverage you get, like no fixed mileage restrictions, so you can enjoy your weekend drives and 24/7 roadside assistance with professionals that understand custom, classic, and collector cars.  

Plus, our specialized claims team is ready to support you and your classic/collector car, no matter what the road brings.  

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Hagerty Drivers Club is not available in Quebec

A couple in a blue convertible classic car out for a leisurely drive.
Two men survey their commercial fleet.

Does your passion for cool cars extend to your business?

Orbit has the insurance for you. Keep your business running as smoothly as your cars with tailor-made coverage for restoration shops, car dealerships, storage facilities, and collector car museums or showrooms.  

Protect your projects with coverage that meets your unique business needs. 

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Questions about insuring your collector car?

Orbit insurance brokers are car experts. No matter what your car dreams include, we work hard to find the right insurance for your plans.  

We help insure: 

  • Classic and Antique Cars 

  • Modified or Custom Cars 

  • Modern Collector Cars (including limited editions, exotic cars, and imports)  

For more information on the coverage for your specific collector car, contact an Orbit insurance broker at 844-929-4768.

Cars that are at least 25 years of age or older. This includes commercial weight collectible vehicles like retired military trucks, retired semi/dump/tow/trucks, and retired farm tractors.

Call 844-929-4768 to learn more about insuring your classic or antique car.

Orbit has coverage options for modified cars that are at least 15 years old and have been customized from their original manufactured state through appearance or performance enhancements.

Learn more about insuring your modified or custom car, call 844-929-4768.

Orbit defines modern collector cars as limited or late model production cars that are 24 years of age or less that have been deemed collectible, with an annual production of no more than 25,000 unit. This includes special and limited editions, exotic cars, and imports.

For more information on the coverage for your specific collector car, contact an Orbit insurance broker at 844-929-4768.

With Orbit, you receive hands-on support from knowledgeable and specialized brokers who understand collector, custom, and classic cars.

Let us take care of your insurance needs, so you can focus on your investment. You also get to be a part of the Hagerty Drivers Club* which gives you access to premier roadside assistance, exclusive discounts, and an automatic invite to exciting car-related events. Contact an Orbit insurance broker today and discover service that revolves around you.  

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*Not available in Quebec