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Whether you own or rent, Orbit has you covered

No matter where you live, you want to know that you, your home, and your belongings are safe. For your peace of mind, it’s important that you have the right insurance 

For decades, Orbit has been protecting homeowners and their homes. Whether you own a house, condo, seasonal home, or you’re renting, we can help you make sense of the coverage and rates available. 

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Discover service that revolves around you

Orbit works with a number of insurance providers and can help you find the right coverage for your specific needs. 

Everything from needing contents insurance as a renter or special coverage for your valuables, we’ll help you find insurance that fits. 

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Your home is uniquely yours

From the colours of the walls to the photos you hang, and the décor in each room, your home is uniquely yours!  

Having insurance to protect what matters most is important, especially when it comes to investments as large as owning property. Orbit has coverage to protect your personal property in the case of theft or damage, as well as insurance for unforeseen liabilities and any damage to your dwelling or detached structures. 

Let Orbit worry about the insurance so you can focus on what matters most.    


Extra coverage for extra peace of mind

Water damage is one of the most common claims that homeowners may encounter. That’s why Orbit has extra coverage for sewer back-up protection to insure your home against water damage and sewer back-up loss. We also have add-ons for secondary residences, such as summer homes, and extra coverage to support you during times of inflation.  

Not sure what you need? Our Worry Free Bundle provides the best value for your home insurance by combining the Disappearing Deductible endorsement and Personal Property Claims Protector. But don’t stress! We are the experts for a reason. 

Contact an Orbit insurance broker for more information on the extra coverage that would be most beneficial to your insurance policy.  

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Protect yourself and your condo

Your building’s insurance policy may cover most common areas and the physical structure, but it doesn’t include your or your unit.  

Protect your home and personal belongings from unforeseen claims with Orbit. 

We have tailored coverage for condo owners that include: 

  • support for improvements 
  • Protection of Personal Property 
  • Voluntary Medical Expenses  
  • property damages 
  • and Loss of Use if you cannot live in your condo while repairs happen.  

An Orbit insurance broker can help find you applicable discounts and endorsements to make our competitive rates even more affordable. So, you can focus on what you love and leave the insurance to us. We’ve got you covered!  

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Extra coverage for every need

Don’t worry about not having the special coverage you need for your condo! 

From Identity Theft Insurance to Inflation Guard, Service Line Endorsement and Disappearing Deductible, an Orbit insurance broker can help you find the right coverage for you. 

We work to ensure you feel understood, advised and protected. Because at Orbit, we revolve around you. 

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Don’t own your home but still want to protect what matters most?

We’re here for you. As a tenant, it’s important to still insure your personal property and protect yourself from risks, even though your landlord is responsible for insuring the dwelling itself.  

Our Tenant Insurance includes: 

  • Protection of Personal Property 
  • Personal Liability 
  • protection of items in a storage unit 
  • and more.  

An Orbit insurance broker can work with you to find the right insurance for your needs at the best rate available. Plus, we’ll search for discounts to help keep your premiums affordable. 

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Extra coverage for renters

We have extra coverage options for your specific needs. 

Our Worry Free Bundle offers the best value for your home insurance by combining the Disappearing Deductible and Personal Property Claims Protector add-ons to ensure your coverage is working with you.   

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Insure your dream home with Orbit

You manufactured your dream home for a reason. That means your special project requires special coverage.  

With our Manufactured Home Insurance, you get protection for your home and belongings that are similar to a standard homeowner’s policy. However, you also get access to protection for extras like: 

  • golf carts, 
  • outdoor sheds, 
  • yard equipment, 
  • and more. 

Orbit will also support you through expenses you incur if you can’t stay in your home due to a claim. We are here to help you protect your unique investment, so keep dreaming big.  

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Ways to save on your home insurance

Some ways you can save on your premium include: 

  • having a residential alarm system installed such as a fire and/or theft alarm that is connected to monitoring system,  
  • having a good credit score,  
  • being a non-smoker,  
  • and bundling your home and auto insurance.  

We have discount options no matter what size of home you have! If you own a condo, you may be able to save with our Mortgage Free Discount or New Home Discount. Our friendly, knowledgeable insurance brokers can help you find the right discounts to keep your premiums affordable. 

Contact us today and discover service that revolves around you.  

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Questions about insuring your home?

Just about every kind of home imaginable that you own, including: 

  • houses  
  • condos 
  • seasonal homes 
  • mobile homes 
  • income properties 
  • recreational properties 
  • dwellings under construction  
  • property in storage 
  • … and tenant’s insurance for those of you who rent. 

Tell us your needs, and we’ll help you find the right coverage. Get a quote.

Whether you own or rent, it’s important to have home insurance so you can more easily cover costs if something unexpected happens. As an owner, home insurance can help you cover the cost of replacing or repairing your dwelling and its contents. It can provide financial protection if someone is injured on your property. As a renter, home insurance can help you cover the cost of replacing or repairing your possessions.

Working with one of our many insurance providers, our friendly and knowledgeable brokers will help you find the right insurance for your needs. Whether you need contents insurance as a renter or you need extra coverage for high value items, we can help. We’ll also explain the optional coverage available for things like sewer backup and sump pump failure. 

Your deductible is the part of the claim you pay out of pocket. The amount of your deductible depends on the insurance coverage you choose and your claim. Deductibles start at $500. We can help explain how deductibles work and your options long before you need to make a claim. Call an Orbit broker today at 877-976-7248. 

Working with Orbit means working with a broker who is your ally. Our goal is to always ensure you feel understood, advised and protected because at Orbit, everything we do revolves around you.