Disability Insurance

Protect your income if you can’t work because of extended disability from an accident or illness

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Disability Insurance

If you’re self-employed or not covered by a group insurance plan through work, Disability Insurance is a must for you and your family’s financial security — and your peace of mind. It’s insurance designed to protect your income if you experience an extended or permanent loss of income due to serious illness or accident. 

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Helping you find and understand the plan that works for you

Disability Insurance isn’t designed for short-term absences. It’s for more serious situations that can directly affect your ability to earn a living. We can help you understand the contractual definition of disability, the amount of insurance, and the waiting period — the three most important considerations when choosing Disability Insurance. 

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We’re your insurance ally

At Orbit, we revolve around you. Understanding your needs and acting as your ally is our top priority. By working with different insurance carriers across Canada, we can focus on helping you find the right coverage. Plus, we can help you save money by bundling all your insurance coverage to save on your premiums. 

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