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There can be a huge range in rates for car and home insurance — even though it seems like the same coverage. Rates generally depend on your situation and risk factors. 

For house insurance, where you live can make a difference for your rates. For example, in a city, you usually have better fire protection, but city living may also bring higher break-and-enter or vandalism exposures. Here are some of the factors that can affect your rates:

  • Distance from your home to the nearest fire hydrant
  • Distance to the nearest fire hall and whether it employs full-time or part-time firefighters
  • If you live in a metropolitan area

No single company can claim to have the best rate in all situations. As brokers, we look for the best rates and the best insurance coverage for your needs. Talk to an Orbit insurance broker to get a quote. Ask about our individually applied discounts and no-interest payment plans.

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Get the coverage you need for just about anything with wheels or a roof:

  • Automobile, truck and van (personal and business use)
  • Motorcycle, quad, snowmobile, RV and other recreational vehicles
  • House, condo and tenant (primary residences)
  • Cabin, second home and rental properties
  • Boat 
  • Personal umbrella liability coverage

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Get to know Orbit Insurance Services

At Orbit, we work closely with our insurance providers to get your group a discount on home and auto insurance. By working with many different insurers, we’re able to find you the coverage you need at the best possible price.

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The benefits of Group Insurance

At Orbit, we revolve around you. That means our friendly and knowledgeable Orbit insurance brokers focus on your needs. We don’t focus on selling you a product. We listen and are dedicated to help you find the right insurance coverage. 

In addition to great, exclusive group rates, you’ll also experience the service of our dedicated team of professionals. Service starts with early business hours where phones are answered starting at 6 a.m. MT. And, if you need help with a claim, we’re here to help with 24-hour claims service.

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Questions about group insurance?

We’ve worked closely with our insurance providers to provide Manpower Associates group insurance members with a discount on home and auto insurance with us. If you’re part of this group, discover the savings, get a quote today.

Yes, different groups have different discounted rates on insurance. The rates for each group are established based on several factors. If you’re looking for the best possible rate on your insurance, call to speak to an Orbit Insurance Services broker today at 800-272-5688.