Date Published: 2023/11/19

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11 Perfect Gifts for the Collector Car Enthusiasts in Your Life

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Does your loved one have a collector car in their garage? Does it seem like they pour all their time and money into the gleaming example of automotive history? Shopping for gifts for car enthusiasts can be challenging, but it is far from impossible, and some custom trinkets will even stay within your budget!

Custom Car Mats

Visit Lloyd Mats Store and find a set of carpeted or all-weather floor mats featuring the logo of that classic Chevrolet, Mustang, or Honda CR-X. For less than $200 the mat can match the interior of their ride while protecting the original carpeting.

Never Lose the Keys with a Tile

Are they always misplacing their key ring at car shows and events? For under $50 you can add the small square Tile to their keyring. When the keys drop between the seats or get lost under the gear in the back seat, simply open the Tile app on your smartphone and click, “Find.” Your Tile will buzz, or the GPS locator will tell you that the extra set of keys is still at home.

The LEGO Set of Their Dreams

When their classic convertible is hibernating while it snows in Toronto, break out a LEGO Technic kit made in the image of their precious ride. Available as a Lambo, Bugatti, Batmobile, and even a Porsche 911, they can rekindle their childhood before hitting the road.

Handheld Vac for Car Show Maintenance

Keep their baby dust and clutter-free while at the next show without bringing along a generator. Charge up the iRobot handheld vacuum before you go, and it will pick up crumbs, candy, and leaves all day long. Save a little cash and find one by Black & Decker or Craftsman for less.

Hand Painted Canvas of Their Baby

Do they have a stunning picture of their sports car? Instapainting or Canvas World can convert the digital image into a gorgeous, handcrafted oil painting in price ranges from $50 to $500. Have it framed and position it over their desk for year-round adoration of that beautiful machine.

Modular Flooring to Create a Pristine Parking Spot

Is that 1966 Ford Mustang parked in a crowded garage with a pitted floor? Easy-to-install modular flooring kits can turn that parking spot into a showroom. SwissTrax creates plastic interlocking tiles in a wide range of colours that complement the paint job.

Tool Roll for a Compact Solution for Road Trip Challenges

Your road rally specialist probably encounters a few mechanical challenges during every event. A tool roll by BOXO contains all the basic tools needed to tighten a fitting, loosen a bolt, or secure a line in a compact roll ready to slide in the trunk. It’s a whole collection of gifts for car lovers that will support their obsession for years.

Car Duster to Maintain that Flawless Finish

They just pulled in the driveway with a classic muscle car. What is the first thing they need to care for it? A California Car Duster. The oversized brush features soft bristles that remove dust from a car’s finish without scratching. Better yet, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer for just $30.

A Tilt-Ramp Trailer for Their Queen

It’s one of the ultimate collector car gifts. They can stop hauling a set of ramps along with the trailer to transfer their pristine VW Beetle from the trailer to its show spot. The Aluma Tilt and Tandem Trailer uses a manual or powered hydraulic lift to turn it from a flatbed to a ramp. Delivering the trailer queen has never been this easy!

Bluetooth Receiver for Hands-free Calling in a Classic Car

The radio in the 1985 Chevrolet Camaro features an audio jack, but they really want to be able to use their smartphone while cruising low and slow. For around $40, you can get them a plug-in Bluetooth receiver that will pair with their phone and allow hands-free calling or audio streaming over the car stereo. When it is time for judging, simply pop it out to restore the original appearance and equipment.

A Commemorative Matching Key Fob

Sometimes it is the small things that make the best gifts. Scroll through Etsy and eBay and discover handcrafted key fobs that celebrate the manufacturer, make, and even model year with authentic logos. You may find an original piece to complete their collection or a unique item that highlights its heritage.

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