Date Published: 2024/05/01

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5 questions to know if, like Alex and Vale, you are ready for the road

A man and women standing near a fire pit. There is an RV in the background.

Alexandre and Valérie from Prêts pour la route are an inspiration to many RV enthusiasts and dreamers.

This young couple from the Quebec City region realized eight years ago that it was a priority for them to fully enjoy life “NOW”.

“Following the death of my father in 2013, we decided that there was no more time to waste earning our lives“, confided Alex.

One can say that they have come a long way since then and not only in terms of the number of kilometers, but especially in terms of the incredible wealth of experience and expertise that they have accumulated.

So today, we are asking the future nomads of this world: Are you ready for the road?

Based on Alex and Vale's journey, here are some important questions to ask yourselves; questions that will tell how “ready” you really are.

Are you ready… to leave a predictable and safe daily life?

Let’s not kid ourselves; there is a huge difference between dreaming of doing something and taking action. This is why, like Alex and Vale, you will probably experience days where it is clear in your head that this is what you want and others where you are no longer so sure this is what you want.

But remember that adventure rhymes with adaptability and that even if your experiences present a lot of challenges and unforeseen events, the wonderful surprises experienced throughout your journey will quickly convince you that you’ve made the right choice.

Are you ready to… put in the effort and take the time to prepare well?

Alex and Vale believe that good preparation is essential to put all the chances on your side and make the experience as memorable as possible (positively speaking).

Of course you are going to make beginner mistakes or make the mistake of thinking you “know everything”!

However, if you have the wisdom to research well before the big departure, this will make everything easier and, who knows, give you the confidence you lack to go a little further in your projects and desires.

Preparation is an essential step. Without it, you unnecessarily expose yourself to problems that would not otherwise arise.

The more you know about the RV you are driving or towing (its mechanics, its maintenance), about the roads you will take, about the climate, about the customs of the local people... the less you will feel like a “tourist” lost in foreign lands.

Are you ready… to live in discomfort?

Everyone thinks it's pretty cool to sleep in an RV, but is it still so cool when you have to do it on a regular basis and for a long time?

For example, when Mother Nature acts up and the wind threatens to overturn the RV. Or that the torrential rains portend a risk of landslides. Or even when you have visits from small animals or hyper-motivated insects.

Let's be honest; the long showers at home and the loads of laundry that we put in the dryer, this is definitely something to cross off your list. However, the sunsets will quickly make you forget these small disadvantages of life in an RV. (Wink)

Are you ready… to drive for hours on a regular basis?

To ride and live in an RV for weeks and months, you definitely need to be comfortable behind the wheel and enjoy driving. And that goes for EVERYONE on the trip. Because if you only rely on one person for the driving, this risks becoming a source of insecurity. Imagine that a problem happens to the driver while you are thousands of kilometers from your home.

Are you ready to… live in very cramped quarters?

Even lovers who still have Cupid's arrow stuck in their hearts – after living in a confined space for a while - may find the situation a little difficult. So imagine if, in a completely normal life context, the relationship you have with your future travel partner is not easy...

It is therefore important to choose carefully who will accompany you. There must be a wonderful bond between you; just like the reasons why you want to experience this adventure must intertwine. This will allow you to overcome all the glitches and unforeseen events that will come your way.

In conclusion, do not consider taking the road to escape something, but rather with the objective of discovering and experimenting. With the aim of building wonderful memories.

Happy driving!

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