Date Published: 2024/01/09

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Are You Required to Register a Trailer?

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If you are new to the world or RVing, you may wonder if you need to register your trailer in addition to the vehicle that pulls it. The answer is yes, since Canada considers them two separate vehicles.

When registering your trailer, you will make a one-time payment and receive a vehicle permit that you should attach to the trailer and a unique license plate. The license plate for your trailer does not expire, so there is no need to apply for a renewal each year. The plate has the word trailer on it to alert law enforcement that you have not failed to register it.

You will need to have your registrant information number (RIN) available during trailer registration. This is a driver’s license number for individuals. The steps you need to take to register your trailer in Ontario depend on your unique circumstances.

Registering a New or Used Trailer in Ontario

Ontario only accepts your trailer registration in person, so your first step is to locate a ServiceOntario Centre. Before you drive to the facility, make sure you have the items indicated below.

  • A Bill of sale from the dealership
  • Dealer’s Certificate of Sale or a New Vehicle Information Statement
  • Your driver’s license or other government-issued form of identification such as a passport

When buying and registering a used trailer in Ontario, you will need a government-issued form of identification, the Bill of Sale, and the vehicle portion of a permit issued in Ontario. You will need the seller’s signature on the last item.

For new recreational trailers purchased in Canada but outside Ontario, you will need a New Vehicle Information Statement. If you did not receive one, you can present a Bill of Sale or Certificate of Sale.

Used trailers purchased in another province or in any of the American states requires you to present an original bill of sale, a weigh slip if the trailer exceeds 900 kilograms, and the original registration documents from the other province or American state. 

If you purchase a new trailer outside of Canada, you will need each of the documents listed above along with a B-3 coding form issued by the Canada Border Services Agency when you cross the border back into the country. The official name of the B-3 form is Canada Customs Coding. Regardless of where you purchased your trailer or whether it is new or used, you must pay any outstanding fines against you before a ServiceOntario Centre will process your registration.

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