Date Published: 2024/06/18

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Becoming a Seasonal Camper

Mature couple relaxing on deck chairs near their mobile home with a bottle of wine

In Quebec, seasonal camping is a very popular activity. A large percentage of camping sites are reserved for seasonal campers and some campgrounds have even dedicated their services 100% to seasonal campers.

But who are seasonal campers and what makes this lifestyle so interesting?


According to the latest study on camping practices (2021):

  • Most part of them come from outside main urban regions (44%).
  • The majority of them work full time (68%).
  • There is a large number of young people aged 18 to 34 (48%) among the seasonal campers.
  • A larger proportion (47%) do not have children at home. Those who have them are mainly of primary school age.

Seasonal campers are people who want to experience the pleasures of camping throughout the season, or every weekend, without having to tow their caravan each time they go out. Some people even rent a location near their work so that they can travel every day. It’s a great way to enjoy summer, isn’t it?

Seasonal campers, as you can imagine, are people who love people. Yes, tranquility and calm are important criteria for them, but above all they want to be part of a community. This is why many operators opt to set up a leisure committee. This formula encourages the involvement of campers in decision-making regarding the activity program.


Who doesn't like to gather around a campfire in the evening or have a little coffee in the morning while listening to birds singing in the background?

Seasonal camping involves periods of activity followed by quiet periods. Everyone likes to take advantage of their installation, which gives the feeling of being in a cottage.

Obviously, some campsites are more in demand than others. Those close to large city-centers, for example, or those which offer an interesting view of a waterway or that offer a host of activities for the family including playgrounds, slides and other leisure facilities.


If you are not yet a fan of seasonal camping and would like to become one, you can first start by consulting the list of available lots targeting the region that interests you. To this end, here are some tips from our partner Camping Québec and the links to find out more:

  1. Take the time to do your research to compare and find a campground that meets your needs. This will also allow you to establish your budget.
  2. The range of services and prices vary from one campground to another. This variation generally depends on the location of the campground as well as supply and demand.
  3. Consult the list of regulations for the chosen campground before making your choice official.
  4. Be sure to complete a rental contract that will specify in writing the rental conditions for your location. This is in your interest and that of the campground operator. Read your contract carefully before signing it!
  5. By purchasing a trailer on a site, you do not automatically become a tenant of the site. This remains the property of the campground operator who may decide not to sign a rental contract with you, and is free to do so. So be careful when the time comes to buy a trailer already installed on a campground!

In conclusion, there is nothing better to change up your routine than to adopt the lifestyle of seasonal campers. It’s a great way to combat isolation for people who have a more limited social network and for others to enjoy nature.

We wish you a wonderful camping season!

Source:  Camping Québec