Date Published: 2023/10/15

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Classic Car of the Month: An In-Depth Look at the 1926 "Demonic" Bentley

A classic Bentley with elegant blue and grey hues is parked next to a building.

Have you caught the second season of Good Omens on Prime and drooled over Crowley's Demonic Bentley? If you read the book, you would know it was described as a 1926 Bentley. But that doesn't quite match the collector car appearing on the small screen. Keep reading to learn a little more about the car referred to in the book and the one that takes centre stage on the series.

Specs of Crowley's Demonic Bentley

When a demon falls in love with a piece of automotive beauty, you can expect the machine to become a bit more than the sum of its parts. Crowley's beloved Bentley is no exception.

A two-door coupe sporting an elongated bonnet, upright windscreen, and flawless black paint job is representative of the era in which Crowley obtained his one true obsession. It also appeared sporting a few upgrades that belong to the modern day.

  • Cassette deck that always plays the Best of Queen
  • License plate "NIAT RUC"--as in the final curtain backwards
  • Capable of speeds up to 120 mph
  • Pristine after 90 years of fighting off Armageddon
  • Able to withstand a rolling inferno

Real-Life Abilities of the 1926 Bentley Speed Six

When the authors Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett first conceived of "The Bentley," there was no Google to provide endless images and specs for their Demonic car character. As such, the 1926 was chosen as the first Bentley built to compete on the international racing scene. What could this collector car actually do?

  • 6.5L Inline six-cylinder engine
  • 160 horsepower
  • Solid front and live rear axles with leaf springs
  • Top Speed 92 mph
  • Dual carburetors
  • Removable canvas top
  • Custom coach

Why Crowley's Bentley is Closer to the 1933 Rolls-Bentley

But, when Crowley is asked why he chose his Bentley, it had to do with its aesthetics over its ability to win a race. This is why Neil Gaiman formalized the car's character into a 1933 Rolls-Bentley or Derby Bentley when Good Omens was produced for its Amazon miniseries. 

The bespoke cabin has all the hand-tooled leather and upscale comforts found in a Bentley predecessor but boasts the engine featured in a Rolls-Royce 20/25. The smaller power plant produced a quieter, more refined ride for its wealthy clientele, much more in keeping with Crowley's preferences. In reality, his more sedate ride would not be remotely capable of a screaming 120 mph run through city streets, but it would never have a cassette player, either.

How rare is a 1926 Bentley?

Only 545 of the Bentley Speed Six were ever produced. As such, very few remain in existence. A 1927 recently sold at auction for a cool $1.2 million with less pristine vehicles sold for just $550,000 overseas.

Did they really blow up the Demonic Bentley?

Crowley's demonic Bentley was not destroyed during the filming of Good Omens. They did buy a genuine Bentley shell and rigged that to explode--which was extremely costly due to the rarity of parts for the iconic car. The one used for weekly filming still exists and is awaiting its next appearance on the small screen.

Caring for Your Own Beloved Classic Car

If you have a rare classic car parked in your garage, it will take more than demonic willpower to hold it together if it ever has to roll through a fireball. Be prepared to restore your baby with your human hands if it ever faces its own Armageddon by investing in collector car insurance from Orbit Insurance Services.