Date Published: 2024/02/08

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Do I need RV Insurance Before I License My RV?

A white truck is backing a new white trailer into a driveway. There is a red brick home next to the truck and trailer. The yard has lush green trees and a play fort. There is a green recycling bin to the left of the trailer.

Congratulations! You have just purchased your first pop-up camper or motorhome. You want to hit the road as soon as possible, but first you need to get licence plates. Your next question might be, "Do I need RV insurance before I license my RV?"

Legally you have to insure a motorhome, but not a trailer. However, if it’s financed, the financing company may require you to carry physical damage coverage. Before you make the call to your representative at Orbit Insurance Services, it's a good idea to understand how RV insurance works.

Insuring a Motorhome or a Travel Trailer: Buying the Right Protection

An RV with an engine and drivetrain, like a Class A, Class B, or Class C, will be insured much like a regular vehicle. Motorhome insurance includes liability coverage for damage to other cars, people, and property you may have caused. It can also help to defray the cost of fixing RV damaged in an accident. Much like your home insurance, it may also provide some coverage for replacing personal effects such as bedding, pots, and pans that may always remain in the RV.

You can add your travel trailer to your auto insurance policy, but this could potentially leave your travel trailer vulnerable with less coverage. Travel trailers typically will have a stand-alone policy, providing you with the necessary coverage. It is always a good idea to talk to an Orbit insurance broker about your policy, this will confirm your coverage is going to protect your RV and your belongings. 

Expanding Coverage to Protect Your Trailer, the Truck, and All Your Gear

The legal minimum can vary from province to province, the suggested liability is $1,000,000.00. This ensures that if you cause an accident, the other driver and their vehicle can be compensated for injuries and repairs. Since Motorhomes are the only RV required to have insurance; travel trailers are not required to have any minimum liability. 

How much would it cost to replace your RV or truck? Can you afford to replace somebody else's Class A motorhome if it’s destroyed in an accident? Talking to an insurance broker will help you identify what the right coverage is based on your needs and travel plans.

You may wish to add a variety of extra coverage for added convenience and confidence while on the road.

  • Premium roadside assistance: this helps you find a towing company capable of getting your rig to a repair shop or back to your home.
  • Personal possessions: your summer RV site could be loaded with  bedding, pots, pans, dishes, barbeque and lawn chairs. Get paid for replacing it after a disaster.
  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost: in the event of a total loss, your unit would be replaced with a brand new unit of similar like, kind and quality.

What information does the insurance broker require  for my RV?

You will need to present proof of ownership of the specific trailer or motorhome along with your identification. If it is a motorhome, you will need its vehicle identification number. For most travel trailers and fifth-wheels, there will still be a VIN or certification label that has a unique number associated with the trailer.

In some instances, the insurance company may wish to inspect the RV to verify its condition. You must have a current driver's licence in the same province that you want to insure and register the RV.

Where do I get my RV licence plates?

Once you have your insurance certificate for your new trailer or motorhome, you must bring it with you to your local registry office, where you manage your auto licence plates. Present it with your current driver's licence, proof of ownership, any required inspection certificate, and the necessary forms to the agent. Depending on where you live, you must apply for the plates within six to 30 days of purchasing the RV.

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