Date Published: 2024/05/23

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Drowning Is a Serious Matter

Beach ball floating on top of the water in a pool.

At the beginning of May, there were already 9 drownings in Quebec and there are more than 400 per year in Canada.   Moreover, at the time of writing this article, the media reported the death of a 2-year-old toddler found drowned in a swimming pool. A most tragic incident.

Behind these statistics, there are human beings. Children and also adults whose primary intention was to enjoy the pleasures of summer. No one could have imagined the unthinkable happening. However, the risks of drowning are very real for everyone, without exception.

The real question: Could most of these incidents have been avoided? Are we ALL sufficiently aware of the danger that hovers over each of us when we are near, on or in the water?  

Whether we're talking about a swimming pool, a river, or a lake, drownings can happen anytime and anywhere. Even in a bathtub while baby gets bathed! The table below demonstrates this; It really happens and it happens every year.

Source: National drowning report

To avoid finding ourselves part of these statistics, we must understand one thing: drowning happens quickly. It only takes 30 seconds for a young child to drown.

Here is a list of the main risk factors. What are our behaviors in relation to each of them?

  • Do we underestimate the care needed when supervising children when they are swimming or playing in water?
  • Do we overindulge in alcohol during our activities in, on or around water?   Moreover, it is said that one glass of alcohol consumed on water is equivalent to three on land.
  • Do we make it a point of honor to always have flotation devices with us and, above all, that they are accessible enough to be able to use them if needed?
  • Do we defy fate by going swimming, boating or fishing alone?
  • Are we being reckless, knowing that we cannot swim or that our skills are limited?Are we swimming to the point of exhaustion?
  • Etc.

Finally, let's also protect our animals from drowning. We often hear stories about the dog or cat falling into the pool and not being able to get out. Did you know that there are floating ramps to avoid this type of incident? Or find a way ourselves to install an object that will allow the animal in distress to regain strength. 

We wish you a wonderful summer season. Let’s keep safety in mind!