Date Published: 2024/05/11

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Hole-In-One Insurance in Canada

Enthusiastic golfer jumps in the air with excitement after getting a hole in one.

Although the golf season may be just a bit shorter in Canada than in the rest of North America, it is extremely accessible and growing in popularity. In terms of participation, golf is exceeded only by soccer and basketball in the country. With over 2,650 golf courses, Canada ranks third in the world in terms of access. About 90% of Canadian golf courses are available to the public, and the sport is growing by nearly double digits annually.

People enjoy the sport in multiple ways. They may watch coverage on national television, enjoy a casual game on weekends, join a league, or play in tournaments. It is a great way to network, conduct business, and even raise money for non-profit causes. Every season, charitable golf tournaments take place across the Canadian landscape.

One of the proven, successful ways organizers encourage participation and increase support for their particular cause is by offering a significant prize should a participant score a hole-in-one. Golfers can be attracted with a shot at winning a luxury car, SUV, vacation, or six-figure or more cash prize.

How does a charitable organization afford such a prize, and what are the benefits to offering such a sizable award? The answer is hole-in-one insurance.

If you have ever wondered how an organization can offer such extravagant prizes, we have the answers.

What is Hole-in-One Insurance?

Hole-in-one insurance is a temporary insurance policy to cover the expense of an attention-getting prize through your golf event. Should a qualified player score a hole-in-one on a designated hole or holes, the insurance covers the costs of the award.

It is a specialized form of insurance that we make available at Orbit Insurance Services. Premiums for the coverage are just a percentage of the prize value. This affords even small non-profit organizations the ability to gain attention and garner interest in their event. The promotional value of a hole-in-one contest for a golf tournament can be significant.

How Hole-in-One Insurance Works

A hole-in-one golf insurance policy considers the golf course, length of the specific hole or holes involved, number of golfers, and other factors to craft the policy and determine premiums. 

The hole-in-one may have to be witnessed and/or video documented should a claim be made. The exact terms and conditions will be outlined and detailed in the specific policy for your event.

Benefits of Hole-in-One Insurance

Hole-in-one insurance gives an organization an excellent way to attract participants and raise interest and funds. It can provide sponsorship opportunities to increase income opportunities and cover the costs of the insurance premium. It provides a reason for local media to promote your upcoming event and separates yours from similar tournaments.

It creates excitement throughout the event itself, and should there be a winner, the tournament and the organization would receive priceless publicity.

Many organizations will promote their hole-in-one contest by placing a vehicle or a large check in the prize amount on site at the course where the tournament will take place. This can provide additional exposure for a local car dealer, bank, home builder, or other business who may wish to co-sponsor the contest.

A hole-in-one contest as part of a golf tournament creates a certain “buzz” and an increased level of excitement. It adds value to your event and can provide exciting memories, even for those who may have just come close to winning.

Learn More About Hole-in-One Insurance and Get a Quote

With the growing popularity of golf in Canada, now may be a terrific time to begin planning a charitable golf tournament. The key is setting your event apart from the others in your area. A hole-in-one contest with a life-changing prize may help you do just that.

If you are planning a golf tournament in Canada for your charitable or civic organization, contact the professionals at Orbit Insurance Services. We are Canada's premier lifestyle insurance company, offering coverage for RVs, boats, classic cars, and special events. Through connections with specialists like Aviva, we can even insure a million-dollar prize for a hole-in-one for a golf tournament.

Contact us to learn more and get hole-in-one insurance for your upcoming event today.

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