Date Published: 2023/05/28

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How to Best Handle a Property Insurance Claim

Water leaking from the roof of an apartment with two people sitting on the couch calling their insurance provider.

Damage to your property can occur due to all kinds of events from overland water to vandalism. When those incidents happen, you have to act fast to get the damage fixed and restore the condition of your home. Since it can be difficult to know just what to do, we’ve created this helpful guide on how to best handle property insurance claims. That way, if you ever find yourself in need of help from your insurance company, you know how to proceed. 

Mitigate Damage When a Claim Occurs 

In the event of a property insurance claim, your first step should be to mitigate damage to your property so no further loss or damage occurs. For example, if there is water escape in your basement, you can mitigate the damage by shutting off water, if safe to do so. 

Write a Description and Take Lots of Pictures 

To make a property insurance claim, you must accurately describe what happened and detail the extent of the damage. You can make it much easier on yourself by writing up a description while it is still fresh in your mind. 

In your report, include: 

  • Cause of the damage 
  • Date of the incident 
  • Damage types and locations 
  • Police report number, if applicable 
  • Witness information 

Then, take as many pictures as possible to back up your claims. Show the damage from multiple perspectives while working from the outside in, but only if safe to enter your property. Email the copies to yourself for later review and save them on a different hard drive as a safe backup. 


Reach Out to Your Insurance Broker 

Your insurance broker will be able to submit a notice of loss to your insurance company, while also providing claim counselling advice and guidance. 

Since it can take some time for your insurance company to process the claim, contact them as soon as you finish taking photos and writing up your report. Just give them a call and let them know you want to file a property insurance claim, then answer all their questions. 

Your adjuster may ask that you email the pictures over to attach to your file for use in processing the claim. They will likely need to send an insurance appraiser to take a look at the damage themselves as well. If they need any other info, your agent may call you back at a later date, so keep your phone nearby and check your messages often. 

Wait Patiently While They Investigate 

Although it might feel tough to do so, all that’s left to do is wait after you have filed your property insurance claim. Each incident is different, so it is hard to pin down a timeline for the investigation process. You can trust that your insurance adjuster will move through the steps as quickly as possible, however, and without compromising on quality of service. 

They will start by using your report and pictures to get an idea about what happened. They may also visit the property and take their own photographs while writing up their findings along the way. Through that process, they have to accurately estimate the extent of the damage and the cost of repairs. 

Beyond that, your adjuster must confirm that the damage qualifies for coverage under your plan and the repairs do not exceed your coverage levels. If everything checks out, they may figure out what you are responsible for, such as your deductible, then write up the results of their investigation. 

Follow the Next Steps to Complete Your Repairs 

Once your insurance company has time to investigate the incident and process your home insurance claim, you will receive a call to discuss the next steps. As long as your policy covers the damage, you can count on them to help you figure out how to get your property repaired by a reputable home improvement expert. Once you get your repairs on the schedule, it won’t be long before your home is looking and feeling its best once again. 

If you ever need to file a property insurance claim, all you have to do is call 877-976-7248 to speak to our team at Orbit Insurance Services. We will gather all your information and get it to the right person, so you can get your home repaired fast. Give us a call any time we can help.