Date Published: 2024/04/09

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Must have Accessories for your RV Kitchen

Stylish kitchen interior with different accessories and utensils in modern trailer.

Congratulations! You just bought your first RV and look forward to a mobile lifestyle, including eating some fabulous meals while on the road. What RV kitchen accessories will help you make the most out of your compact space? We've collected 11 must-have items that help to optimize your RV kitchen storage. Better yet, only one is priced over $50.

Inline Water Filter for Your Hose

Even if you are staying at an upscale RV resort on the coast of British Columbia, you don't know when the last time they tested their water. Before connecting to the campground water supply, simply screw on an inline water filter to your white hose. It drastically reduces harmful chemicals and minerals, so you can cook with confidence.

Cost: $15

Collapsible Silicone Colander and Bakeware

How often have you wanted to bake a small cake or cookies, but all your dishes are at home? Silicone baking pans and a drainer easily collapse for compact storage and pop back into shape when needed. You can't break or scratch them!

Cost: $40

A Set of Nesting Plastic Storage Tubs

Save between vacations by adding a complete set of reusable plastic containers to your pantry cupboard. Store pasta, rice, beans, cereal, and leftovers while protecting your ingredients from moisture and pests. The matching set ensures that they stack neatly, and you can always find the right lid.

Cost: $30

Stacking Pots and Pans

Your RV kitchen might be small, but you can cook almost anything when you have the right pots on hand. Shop for a set of pans that stack, so you can fit all your favourite shapes and sizes in your drawers. Now there is no excuse to skip making a spaghetti dinner or preparing a roast chicken while on the road.

Cost: $200

Cast Iron Skillet and Dutch Oven

You probably use a grille or camping stove outside while on the road. Add a few different cast iron pieces to your RV kitchen accessories, and you never have to worry about damaging the non-stick surface when cooking over an open fire. They don't break and can serve as stew pots, baking dishes, or frying pans.

Cost: $50

Small Cutting Boards

Add a selection of small cutting boards or roll-up sheets to your supplies, so you never have to worry about chopping fruits and veggies on a counter that wasn't cleaned last night. They work outside on the picnic table, too. A quick wash and rinse with the regular dishes means food prep is always free of dirt and germs.

Pack of 4: $30

One-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Counter space is always at a premium in your camper, but you really don't want to sacrifice a good cup of coffee in the morning. Check your big box store for a compact one-cup pod coffee maker. It only takes up a few inches on the counter, will easily work on generator power, and produces the same cup of coffee from your favourite pods that you enjoy at home.

Cost: $30

Compact 8X11 Baking Pan

Your RV-sized oven probably does not fit a standard cookie sheet, but you still want to bake some pop-n-fresh rolls to go with supper. An 8" X 11" pan easily fits and its higher sides mean you can also use it as a cake or roasting pan. Other pots fit inside for easy storage.

Cost: $15

Dish Drainer that Fits Inside Your Sink

Even if you aren't a big cook, washing up a few dishes can easily take over your limited counter space. Visit your RV supply store and buy a dish drainer designed for your camper. The tilted drain board snaps on top of the dish rack for easy travel. Put your sponges, dish rag, and a small bottle of soap inside while travelling. It can also sit in the kitchen sink basin while on the road.

Cost: $20

Door-mounted Spice Rack

Don't sacrifice flavour while camping! Purchase a small wire rack at the home improvement kitchen centre and mount it to the inside of your pantry door or to the wall. Create a complete collection of your favourite spices in small jars. Nothing bounces around in transit, and you always have the right ingredients at hand.

Cost: $10

Swiffer Wet-Jet

How do you get rid of muddy footprints? There is no need for a bulky mop and bucket. The Swiffer Wet-Jet holds a small amount of cleaner in its stick. Spray, mop, and toss out the absorbent pad on the bottom after use. It fits inside your broom or coat closet!

Cost: $40

Protecting Your Kitchen Purchases with the Right RV Insurance

Once you invest in all these fabulous upgrades to your RV kitchen storage, you don't want to lose them after an accident or fire. Talk to our experts at Orbit Insurance Services and review your RV insurance policy to make sure that your personal belongings are included in your coverage. If you’re interested in getting a quote, you can contact an Orbit insurance broker at 844-929-4768.