Date Published: 2023/12/12

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Product Review: 2024 Outlander (ATV)

The gorgeous winter day is bright; the sky is bright blue, snow covered mountains can be seen in the distance. There is a trail of groomed snow through the forest ready for the ATV enthusiast to hit the trail!

Whether you love spending the day exploring trails with your local ATV club or want to put your vehicle to work on your property, the 2024 Outlander offers an affordable and surprisingly fun option. This 2024 ATV debuted a new pair of upgraded engines, producing more excitement on the trail without overloading the machine with tech toys. From a first ride for your growing teen to a rugged investment for a seasoned rider, this is a great choice.

Specs and Capabilities to Consider

This year saw the introduction of the 850 and 1000 Rotax V-twin engines, upping available horsepower from a reasonable but unexciting 52 hp on the 2023 model to 78 up to 91 for 2024. With available power steering, a continuously variable transmission, and optional electronic engine braking, an ATV delivers a confident and capable ride over many terrains.

If you are packing for a weekend camping trip, you can tow up to 750 kilograms. That's enough to bring along all your desired coolers, firewood, and generators. The standard front rack carries 45 kg, and the rear accommodates 90 kilograms.

Add the winch and be prepared to pull your friends out of the mud with a 1,588 kg capacity. Choose one with a 27.9-cm ground clearance and clamber over rocky trails without hesitation. The standard suspension works well for the novice rider, but the available Fox shocks help you easily power over hills and land.

Priced for Weekend Adventures

Perhaps the most appealing part of the Outlander line from Can-am is that you won't break the bank on your first ATV. MSRP for the entry-level package runs at $10,849, which gives you plenty of muscle and ability. If you want all the bells and whistles, the Limited tops out at around $17,000.

15 Available Packages for Work and Play

Can-am offers up a wide range of trim levels that cater to the casual rider up to ranchers looking to work on fencing without driving a truck over their land. We have highlighted the features unique to each combination for faster shopping.

  • Outlander: The entry-level package features the 78-horsepower engine, selectable 2WD and 4WD with an auto-locking differential. Steel wheels, front and rear racks, and mudguards are ready for your riding adventure.
  • Outlander DPS: Power steering takes the work out of trail riding while aluminum wheels, Terracross tires, and a digital display add style and function.
  • Outlander XT: Available with the 850 or 1000 engine, clear the trail using the 1,558 kg winch while heavy-duty bumpers and handlebar deflectors are prepared for rugged rides.
  • Outlander Hunting Edition 850: Ready to retrieve your harvest from uncertain terrain, this ATV features 12-inch aluminum wheels with upgraded tires, the winch, a reinforced seat, heated throttle grip, and skid plates.
  • Outlander XT-P: Tackle some unexpected obstacles with confidence using the FOX 1.5 Podium shocks on the front and rear. A larger digital display and tapered handlebars give it added style.
  • Outlander X XC: Fly over hills and dips when you push the 91-horsepower engine to the limit. Secure your gear to the rear rack while the front bumper includes a top brace and pre-running to help clear your path.
  • Outlander X MR 850: Power through the mud while the relocated radiator maintains superior cooling. Mud tires, footrests, and mud guards help you to maintain traction while the winch is ready to pull your friends free.
  • Outlander X MR 1000R: Make your friends jealous during mud season with your 1000 cc engine, Fox shocks, an independent torsional trailing arm, brush guard, and aluminum skid plates.
  • Outlander Max DPS: Be prepared for longer rides with a high-backed seat and convertible rack system, the dynamic power steering system, and transmission with intelligent engine braking.
  • Outlander Max XT: Rugged 26-inch tires, handlebar wind deflectors, the winch, upgraded bumpers, and the high-backed seat with rack give you the capability to make the most out of your adventures.
  • Outlander Max XT-P: Beadlock wheels, Fox shocks, the Visco-4Lok front differential and premium digital display enable you to muscle your way through wet terrain while turning heads with an upgraded design.
  • Outlander Max Limited: Trick out your ride with the 91-horsepower engine, Podium shocks, Maxxis Bighorn tires, beadlock wheels, racks, winch, wind deflectors, and premium digital interface.
  • Outlander Max 6X6 DPS 450: Get more work done with a third axle, a 427 cc Rotax engine, selectable 4WD or 6WD, double arm suspension, 12-inch wheels, 159kg rear rack capacity, and a 10.9L storage box.
  • Outlander Max 6X6 DPS 650: Bring home the bacon using 62 horsepower, transmission with Extra Low gear, power steering, 27.9-centimeter ground clearance, and dual-level 70 L cargo box.
  • Outlander Max 6X6 XT 1000: Stay out on the farm all day using the 82-horsepower Rotax engine, auto-locking front differential, a 318kg rear rack capacity, large cargo box, and the 1,588 kg winch.

What About the Outlander Pro?

When you have graduated from heading out on the trails once or twice a year to spending every possible minute at the off-road park, you may want to look at the Outland Pro series. Every feature gets an upgrade from the transmission to your seat. However, you will also meet plenty of riders that are fully satisfied with their Outlander ATV and have no need for the added premium perks.

Is Your New 2024 ATV Properly Protected?

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