Date Published: 2024/06/06

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Parking Your RV

A man behind the wheel of his motorhome looks out the window with a big smile on his face after parking his RV.

Parking your RV can be tricky. No matter the size, this vehicle needs a gentle touch to get it into the right position. If you ask, “What can I do to make parking my RV easier?” these tips and strategies will help you.

Tackling Technical Parking

All RVs require some finesse when it comes to parking, and the best way to gain these skills is through practice. The more you do it, the easier it will get. The most important first step is realizing that you need to turn your steering wheel in the opposite direction you want the vehicle to move towards. Once you have got that down, there are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • Always position your trailer so that hookups are on the side where the receptacles are.
  • Look for surfaces that are dry and lack any substance divots or potholes to help ensure a more stable position.
  • Flat is best. Even a small incline can lead to complications in managing the RV.

Here’s a tip that makes backing up your RV easier to manage. Instead of approaching the location at a perpendicular path, approach it as if you are going to park head-first into it. Then, turn outward. This “scoop” technique, as demonstrated in this YouTube video, allows you to get into the right position to back in perfectly every time.

Tips on Parking Your RV at the Right Location

Before you can practice your ability to park the RV, you need to choose the best campsite for your vehicle. There are things to keep in mind as you consider how to park your RV:

  • Consider parking a bit further away from walking trails and paths. That’s where people will most likely be, and that means accidents can happen.
  • Do you want to be close to restroom or laundry facilities?
  • Choose a location with ample room for you and your family. Sometimes, going a bit further away from the main area gives you room to spread out and be more comfortable throughout the experience.
  • Consider noise, too. If you’re parking near a pool, you can count on there being noise well into the evening.
  • Always scope out the area well before you pull in. Is the ground solid? Are the hookups in good working order?

Choosing the right location makes getting into the best spot more worthwhile. Most areas have more than one RV campground you can use. You can be a bit picky depending on where you’re visiting.

Parking an RV Depends on the Vehicle

The best way to park an RV is also dependent on the type of vehicle you have. The size and features play a role in how you park it. Here are some examples that can help.

Motorhome parking

Backing up and moving a motorhome doesn’t have to be all that different than moving a car around. The only difference is the size. You’ll need a lot more length in terms of where you wish to park and the right angle to move into the area. The best tip – until you perfect this process –  is to have a person outside the vehicle offering some guidance so you don’t accidentally clip someone.

Fifth wheels and trailer parking

The difference between these types of RVs and trailers is the hitch. You have to consider your longer size but also the angle of the tow vehicle. Remember that minor alterations in this angle will make the most significant difference for you.

The sharper you turn your vehicle, the more prominent the “V” shape angle will be between the vehicle you’re towing and your vehicle. Ultimately, going too far leads to jackknifing, which is challenging to rectify.

To help facilitate this process, place your hand at the bottom of the steering wheel when backing up. Then, move your hand in the direction you want the trailer to turn. Practice this a few times where you have lots of room to manoeuver. Remember that this, too, takes practice to get right.

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