Date Published: 2024/03/05

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Preparing for Your Summer RV Destinations

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Although we are only in the middle of winter in Ontario, it is the ideal time to prepare for summer RV destinations. Campsites and attractions fill up quickly, so you must act now to make sure you get all the warm weather fun.

Determine Your Destination

Canada is a big country with many awe-inspiring sights and things to do. Planning where to go in your RV this summer can seem overwhelming, especially if this is the first time you have planned a trip like this. If you are new to RVing, remember that you will travel at a different speed than you would in your personal vehicle. Choose a destination close to home for your first time out to give you the confidence to plan longer journeys later.

By booking your campsite now, you can avoid the stress of not having a place to park your RV this summer. Before choosing where to stay overnight, research the area around the campsite to ensure you have enough to do once you get there. Look for activities that match your interests, such as hiking, canoeing, or visiting local flea markets.

Schedule a Routine Maintenance Appointment for Your RV

Planning, packing, and navigating a trip in your RV can be stressful enough without the added burden of mechanical failure. Having proper maintenance done on your RV is critical, especially if it has been sitting idle for several months. It would help if you had your mechanic check everything from fluid levels to tire tread to the condition of your brake pads and engine. Be sure to schedule follow-up appointments for any repairs that your mechanic recommends.

Don’t Forget These Items When You Pack for Your Trip

Packing on the morning of your trip can get hectic, and you are bound to leave something important behind. To avoid this scenario, gather an emergency kit for your RV, a first aid kit, insurance papers and ID cards. Test your GPS to ensure it works, and consider bringing paper maps as a backup.

Sites to See in the Canadian Provinces

Every province has a site it is known for, starting here in Ontario. If you have yet to visit Niagara Falls on the Canadian side, consider adding it to your agenda this summer. You can take a boat tour, explore the falls from underground, hike, take pictures of the Rainbow Bridge, and much more. Just remember that Niagara Falls is a busy tourist destination in the summer, so book early or consider visiting during the week.


Banff, Alberta, is the home of Banff National Park, an attraction that draws people worldwide because of its beauty. Whether you want to take pictures or admire the scenery, you will enjoy the view of the Rockies, ancient glaciers, rivers, and forests. If you enjoy hiking, make time in your schedule for a 23-kilometer round-trip walk to Lake Minnewanka’s Aylmer Lookout. Should that hike be a bit much for you, Banff National Park also has several shorter hiking trails.


The Bandstand at Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park is a beautiful place to take in an outdoor concert this summer. You might also like boating, swimming, or playing racquetball or tennis on the park’s courts. Winnipeg also hosts several festivals each summer, including those listed below.

  • Festival du Voyageur
  • Jazz Winnipeg
  • Winnipeg Comedy Festival
  • Winnipeg Jazz Festival

You may find an out-of-the-way summer festival as you travel throughout Manitoba.


Regina, Saskatchewan, has ideal summer temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius. If you and your fellow RVers love water fun, head to Wascana Centre for canoeing or kayaking. Echo Valley Provincial Park is another place to visit that offers hiking, beautiful scenery, sunbathing on sandy beaches, and a playground for the kids to burn off some energy. The city of Regina also hosts the Regina Music Fest and Regina Folk Fest every summer.

Make Sure Your RV Insurance is Up-to-Date

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