Date Published: 2024/03/18

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Scheduling RV Maintenance before RV Season

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Does it feel like you have plenty of time to open the RV in preparation for your summer getaway? When you run down the complete list of everything you should do to de-winterize your trailer or motorhome, it can start to feel like more than you can accomplish on a long weekend.

RV Maintenance Checklist for a Successful Summer on the Road

RV De-winterizing: After the last freeze, connect to a fresh water source and open all the taps in the camper. This will flush the antifreeze out of your water lines. Follow recommended guidelines for sterilizing the fresh-water tank. 

Inspecting and Rotating the Tires: Did you know that the sun degrades the rubber in your tires? Even if the tread depth is still good, look at the sidewall for signs of cracks and fading. Rotate the tires while you are inspecting them to extend their life. If you see cracks, replace the tires to avoid a blowout on the highway.

Sealing the Aging Roof: The roof on your camper or motorhome is also made from rubber. It can get torn by flying branches over the winter. Spring is the perfect time to look for damage and patch it before you encounter a downpour at the RV resort.

Brakes and Bearings: Were your brakes squealing last year? If it has been a while since your last service, you will want to repack the bearings and possibly replace the shoes. Schedule a visit to your local RV dealer for professional service.  

Lights Inside and Out: Connect the trailer to your tow vehicle and do a walk around to verify that your brake, marker, and turn signals all function as expected. Also, buy a pack of replacement bulbs and make sure all your overhead lights inside are functioning when you hit the switch.

Testing the Heat and Air Conditioning: The worst time to discover that your heater is broken is on a frigid morning in May while parked out in the woods. Let your HVAC run for several hours and check to see that you are getting air out of every vent. 

Turn on the Stove and Fridge: Give the appliances a good clean inside and out. Switch them on and make sure they work as expected. A stovetop that is hard to light can be a sign of a loose propane connection.

Propane Tanks: Unless you use a propane swap system, your propane tanks do require recertification every 10 years to ensure that the pressure valve is safe, and the tank is free of rust. Go to your local propane supplier to have your tanks recertified.  

Servicing the Generator: Whether you have an onboard or a portable generator, it should also receive an annual maintenance visit to your local RV dealer. The spark plug, fuel filter, and oil should be changed. If you use unleaded gas in it, the fuel lines can corrode after a few years.

Tablet in the Black Tank: Avoid returning to your RV in July and walking into a living room that reeks by adding a treatment tablet to your black tank. Add a gallon of water, so the tablet starts to work and prevents noxious odors.

Roll Out the Awning and the Slides: The fabric in your awning becomes brittle with age. It should be opened, washed, and inspected for wear. Also, make sure that the mechanisms that push your slides out are in good working order.

Oil Change and Lubricant for Your Motorhome: Don't forget that your motorhome is also comparable to a van or truck. Its engine should receive all scheduled maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer.

Stop Sweating and Call the Pros for a Quick and Easy RV Opening this Season

Does that list sound like a lot of time-consuming work? If you don't have the hours needed to de-winterize your RV and get it ready for a summer of fun, remember that Explorer RV Club partners with RV dealerships across Canada. Members receive up to 20% off a variety of services, including your time-consuming spring RV maintenance.

Give yourself a gift this year and let the professionals get your rig ready to roll and avoid a wealth of unpleasant surprises while on the road.

Remember to Update Your RV Insurance Policy for a Carefree Vacation

While you do everything you can to make sure your RV will take care of your family, you can never completely avoid an unexpected accident. Reviewing your RV insurance with an insurance broker at Orbit Insurance Services as part of your spring maintenance list will help give you peace of mind during your summer escape across the great wilds of Canada.

Interested in getting a free quote? Contact an Orbit insurance broker.