Date Published: 2024/05/09

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Tags for Collector Car Anti-Theft

Thief trying to break into a car with a crowbar.

Your classic car is a rare and beautiful thing. With no modern electronics and auto theft on the rise in Ontario, how can you protect your collector car from theft? Experts recommend installing an anti-theft tag system designed to outsmart thieves and help the police locate and return your ride if it does go missing.

What is an anti-theft tag for my classic car?

A new product is becoming more popular in the anti-theft market called Tag Tracking System. The tags are tiny self-powered RFID chips that are installed in multiple locations throughout the vehicle. They are often attached to parts that are most likely to be sold off after a stolen car is chopped for resale on the black market, like the catalytic converter, airbags, and even the liftgate.

The chips can be tracked by the company that produces and installs the tags. Once the vehicle is located, Tag will recover the car themselves or coordinate with law enforcement.

How does the Tag Tracking System work?

The minuscule tags do not rely on your car for power, so even if the battery is pulled, they can still be found by the tracking company. They use anti-jamming technology, so thieves cannot stop their signal. Tag Tracking has a fleet of ground vehicles and air support that they use to find a stolen car. If the car is taken to a remote location away from highways and populated areas, they can still find it.

Will a Tag help to get my collector car back if it is stolen?

Since the Tag does not rely on your classic car's battery or a cell signal, it makes it easier for a stolen car to be found and recovered. Some insurance companies are beginning to require the tag system to be installed on certain high-theft new car models. So yes, it is much more likely for your 70s muscle car or a 50s Cadillac to find its way home with a tag system installed.

Does the Tag track my driving habits?

Unlike some popular devices that actively send your GPS location to a monitoring service, the Tag system does not track your use of the accelerator or the brakes since it is not tied into the electronic systems of your vehicle. It collects less data compared to your infotainment center.

Won't thieves know where the Tag is installed?

Most anti-theft devices and alarms that are installed on the factory floor almost always use the same one or two locations for installation. This makes it easier for car thieves to deactivate even an expensive car alarm equipped with GPS location. The Tag uses multiple locators on every vehicle, and only the installer knows exactly where each chip is hidden. Even if a thief finds one Tag, they probably won't find them all.

Are there monitoring fees for an anti-theft tag?

While not every company that produces tracking tags operates the same way, TAG Tracking includes five years of monitoring with the upfront cost of installation. That means your classic car stays protected month after month whether you are at home or on the road to the next car show. It's a smart set-it-and-forget-it investment for your prized ride.

Are there discounts for insurance if I have a tag on my collector car?

It all depends on which tag is installed in your ride and which classic car you own. For more information on how an anti-theft tag may help to lower your premium, give your collector car insurance specialist at Orbit Insurance Services a ring to receive a quote that includes every possible discount. Contact an Orbit insurance broker if you have any questions.