Date Published: 2024/05/24

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These Women Who Drive Big Rvs

Class A motorhome towing a white car down the road.

They are rather rare, but they exist, women who drive big RVs and do so with complete confidence and ease.

We are pleased to introduce one of them; her name is Manon and she lives in the Centre-du-Québec area.

Her latest “exploit”? A trip to Florida, all alone in her Class A RV. She drove a 45-foot RV, towing a car and an electric bike trailer, for a total length of approximately 70 feet!

More than 30 hours of driving over two and a half days. She would stop at truck stops for a rest.  To stay safe, she avoided driving after dark.


We’ve asked Manon to tell us about her journey. How she came to be so comfortable driving all sorts of vehicles (motorcycle, snowmobile, boat, etc.).

According to her, it’s something you either have or you don’t and when you don’t have it, you shouldn’t force things.

In life, Manon is a go-getter. She has never been a fearful person behind the wheel, and she is always motivated to drive new “toys”. “When you’re not afraid, it’s easier to master something,” she tells us.

Indeed, a person who takes the road already anxious and tensed before starting their drive represents a danger both for themselves and for the other drivers. It is important to learn to respect each other’s limits.


We asked Manon what she finds most difficult about driving an RV of this size. She says that after checking the interior and exterior of the RV in preparation for departure, it's the first minute behind the wheel that is the most stressful. Probably the fear of having forgotten a step. But, once on the road, she regains her confidence.


Aside from the fact that you have to feel comfortable to take the road with a big RV, Manon's main advice is to always drive smoothly (no sudden movements) and to keep in mind that this elephant has many blind spots.  Also, the width and height of the places where one wants to drive are very important points to check…. before.

At gas stations, for example. Or when you pass under the viaducts. A roof torn off is something seen all too often!

Also, we would like to add that a driving course from FQCC is a must, even for people who already think they know everything there is to know. Some RVs are real homes on wheels. There are no risks to take!


Manon admits that, during her journey to Florida, she took the wrong route near New York and almost ended up in the Bronx. She was then in the right lane of a 5-lane highway and had to find a way to cross all the lanes to get to the left lane, in order to be able to get back on the 95. Obviously, it was during rush-hour traffic.  A nightmare!

Manon says that people probably got out of her way because they were scared when they saw it was a woman behind the wheel. (Wink)

In closing, Manon purchased her Monaco Signature in 2020. Her trip to Florida in 2023 was her first long solo outing and she promises to repeat the experience because it was a confirmation for her that she can do it!