Date Published: 2024/01/18

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What is the Best Car Cover for your Collector Car?

A collector car is parked in a garage between a blue and an orange car. Th collector car is covered with a quality car cover that is tan in colour

You know that your new-to-you collector car needs to stay out of the rain, snow, and sun. A car cover sounds like the proper solution, but how do you choose the best car cover for your specific vehicle? We've got some quick tips, so you can make a more informed decision while protecting your special vehicle.

Where Do You Store Your Collector Car?

Where you park your classic car will determine the needed durability of the cover. If you store your vehicle in a climate-controlled garage between shows, you only need a light cover that protects it from dust. An unheated garage will demand a cover that resists condensation to slow corrosion.

For the classic Mustang that sits outside your house, you will need a cover that features UV protection, is waterproof, wind resistant, and is designed not to scratch your paint. You can extend the life of your quality cover by applying a fabric waterproofing spray to the cover every spring.

Keep Your Canadian Location in Mind

While researching the best car covers available for your year, make, and model, remember that a cover designed to protect a vehicle in desert locations will not perform the same as one created to shield cars that live in the land of ice and snow. Look for products that are rated for performance in rain and freezing temperatures.

Custom Fit Covers Save Your Finish

A poorly fitted cover or tarp can damage your paintwork. Always order a cover designed for your specific year, make, and model. This prevents the fabric from rubbing against the paint and chrome when it is windy or even while removing the cover. Look for kits that include straps that will secure the cover under the vehicle, to prevent loose fabric from flapping in a storm.

Some summer-weight covers are crafted out of elastic fabric that reduces the need for straps, but they may not stand up to severe weather events.

Invest in Lightweight for Summer and Multi-Layer for Winter

For the car collector who takes their trailer queen across the continent every year for all the summer car shows, you may want to purchase covers designed for easy removal and a more rugged version for long-term storage. This also lets you clean the winter cover and thoroughly dry it out while your other cover keeps dust and pollen from dulling that beautiful wax job.

Your heavy-duty winter cover will have a soft inner layer, a breathable middle layer that helps fight condensation, and a waterproof outer layer.

Avoid No-name Bargain Buys

In this age of internet shopping, it can be tempting to buy a cover for your classic car at a bargain price from an unknown vendor. Just consider that this cover is meant to protect your unique automobile that is worth thousands. How much will it cost to repair paint scratches or sun-faded upholstery caused by a failed cover? Spend the two extra dollars on a quality cover from a reputable manufacturer.

CoverCraft Offers a Complete Lineup

Whether you need an indoor cover for your rare Chevy Corvette or a winter-worthy protector for your classic Ford pickup, CoverCraft designs from CoverItCanada will find the right one for your car and needs. Their labelling system details how each brand is expected to perform. A custom configurator is available to accommodate roof rails, light bars, and side mirrors so you can also protect your accessories.

Top Flight Automotive Caters to the Classic Car Community

A member of SEMA, Top Flight Automotive specializes in parts and accessories for vintage, muscle, and antique vehicles. They stand behind all their products, including affordable covers from MAX Tech.

Work Your Network for Local Recommendations

One thing has not changed with the times: the best person to ask for a product recommendation is your buddy down at the weekly coffee and cars meet. Your classic car club will have relationships with reputable local businesses that will connect you with car covers that have proven results.

Remember to Protect Your Entire Investment

While a quality car cover stops your paint from fading, only a classic car insurance policy from Orbit Insurance Services will help you if your special vehicle is damaged in an accident or fire. Give us a quick click or call to learn more and insure your ride today.