Date Published: 2024/06/18

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Why You Should Join a Collector Car Club

A row of collector cars lined up in the parking lot of an A&W restaurant.

No matter where your interests lie, there's a good chance you can find a club of like-minded people who share the same hobby. Yes, this even applies to classic cars and collector cars. For decades, car clubs have become an excellent place for classic car lovers to enjoy a sense of belonging while sharing their passion with others.

If you own a collector car and aren't yet part of a collector car club, it might be time to join one.

What Is a Collector Car Club?

Specifically, a collector car club is a community where people who share an interest in classic cars can come together. There are many collector car clubs across the country and even across the globe. Some may be focused on a specific make and model (such as the fan-favourite Corvette), whereas others may be more general in nature.

These days, collector car clubs can also meet online or in-person. Members of these clubs may hold regular meetings, schedule special events and routines (such as car shows), and even give back to the community.

Benefits of Belonging to a Collector Car Club

Still not convinced that joining a car club is right for you? Consider just a few of the many potential benefits of having a collector car club membership.

Enjoy Being Part of a Community

If you're looking for a space where you can just talk about classic cars, learn new things, and share your own knowledge/experiences with others, then a car club can be a great way to socialize and feel a sense of belonging. As a member of a car club, you can make new connections and build friendships that could last a lifetime.

Take Advantage of Potential Savings and Opportunities

Some car clubs are also affiliated with different vendors and organizations that could save you some money on classic car parts, repairs, and other things you'd be spending your money on anyway. By being part of a recognized car club, you could enjoy access to some exclusive savings that make maintaining your collector car a little more affordable.

Gain Valuable Knowledge and Experience

You never know what you might learn from another classic car enthusiast, and belonging to a collector car club is a great way to gain first-hand knowledge from collectors who have been doing this for years (or maybe even decades). If you've been looking to expand your knowledge and expertise on classic cars, being part of a car club is a great way to gain that hands-on experience and understanding.

What to Look for in a Collector Car Club

As you search for collector car clubs, you might be overwhelmed with options. However, you can keep a few considerations in mind that will help you narrow down your choices with confidence.

Membership Costs/Dues

Start by considering the cost to join a club, as this can vary greatly. Most clubs will have a membership fee that is paid annually (or possibly monthly). Be sure to find out exactly what kinds of perks and benefits you'll get in exchange for your dues so you can determine which club is right for you.

Meeting Schedule and Frequency

Consider, too, how often the club meets and the format in which meetings take place. Some clubs may require members to attend a certain number of meetings each year. These meetings may be held at a third-party location, a member's house, or even online.

Vehicle Qualifications or Requirements

Finally, make sure the car club you join is one that is compatible with your interests and your specific collector car(s). Some clubs may require members' cars to adhere to a specific look or have other qualifications to join, so research these ahead of time to make sure the club is a good fit for you and your vehicle.

Protect Your Collector Car

Getting involved in a collector car club is a great way to make some new friends, learn new things, and enjoy some perks along the way. Ultimately, what you get out of the experience will boil down to choosing the club that best aligns with your interests and schedule.

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