Date Published: 2023/12/22

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Will Your Insurance Cover Renting a Collector Car

A couple is enjoying a drive on a beautiful warm day. The teal convertible collector car with tan interior is pristine. A burgundy suitcase can be seen in the backseat.

Renting a collector car? Whether you're celebrating a wedding or anniversary, planning the vacation of the decade, or just going on a weekend fling, a rented collector's car can be a memorable way to add pizzazz to your experience. But will you need collector car insurance? You know your own auto insurance typically covers rental cars, but does it cover a rented collector car? We're here to help.

Your Auto Insurance and Vehicle Rentals

Perso auto insurance policies typically cover rented vehicles. Of course, details vary widely--and you should always double-check your policy's fine print before you assume that it covers everything you need. But it's a relatively safe assumption that the typical auto insurance policy covers a rented vehicle to the same limits that your own car is covered.

You must maintain at least the minimum liability insurance required by your province and accident insurance in some provinces. Chances are, you want more than the minimum coverage when renting a collector car.

Does Your Car Insurance Cover Renting a Collector Car?

If you're wondering about your insurance vs. collector car insurance covering a rental, chances are it does. But, as with all things in life, there are limits. As mentioned above, your insurance will typically cover a rental car of any kind up to the limits set for your own personal vehicle. But you might want additional coverage for that 1978 Mustang King Cobra you're thinking about renting. If you don't have comprehensive coverage or total loss coverage, the loss of a collector car you rented can be devastating--and it could end up coming largely out of your pocket.

The solution is to talk to your insurance company before you book your rental to ask what the options are. If you have an idea of what car you'd like to rent, have the year, make, and model on hand before you talk to a representative, they'll be able to give you a more accurate estimate for recommended coverage. You can also purchase additional coverage through the rental company or car-sharing agency's insurance company; just ask what options are available and what the charge would be.

How to Inspect a Classic Car Rental

You typically expect a new rental car to be in--well, new condition. But classic and collector cars don't always live up to the same criteria. They may have quirks, particularities when it comes to performance, or other little things to notice. When renting a collector's car, ask for a written list of any quirks or oddities particular to the car you're renting, then conduct a thorough inspection yourself, before grabbing the keys and hopping into the driver's seat.

A thorough walk-around is key, and also note any distinguishing factors or irregularities in the car's interior. These should all be documented before you drive away.

Some classic cars might also have controls or features you don't recognize; it's smart to ask if there are any of these that you aren't sure about before you take your rental out for a spin.

Classic Car Auto Insurance Coverage with Orbit

Orbit offers auto insurance coverage and friendly customer service that makes sense for your life. They also have extensive experience insuring collector cars--and that can be hard to find. Get in touch, and we'll help you get the information you need to make a smart decision about collector car insurance for your classic or collector car.

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