Date Published: 2023/11/20

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Your RV Checklist for The End Of Camping Season

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It’s time to start thinking about packing up and storing your RV and all of your gear for the season. Though you may not like the thought of spending additional time preparing your RV for storage, putting a bit of extra time into the process now will make next season a bit easier to manage. Knowing what to do at the end of the RV season doesn’t have to be too complex, with a few tips and pointers. This end of RV season checklist will help you get the job done efficiently, allowing you to get back to planning for next season.

How to Prepare Your RV’s For End of Season

Use the end of RV season checklist here as a guide. Follow your RV’s manufacturer recommendations for any end-of-year storage and care instructions.

Winterize with Care

Start with a good cleaning of your RV’s interior. That means tackling those tasks you put off after the last trip. Then, winterize.

  • Be sure the fuel tank is full and all other fluids, including the wiper fluid, are also topped up. This helps ensure that you don’t have a system that freezes up. Use temperature-appropriate mixtures.
  • Drain all pipes in the RV. This includes removing all liquid from the system’s plumbing. If you don’t do this, it could lead to frozen and burst pipes, something you don’t want to deal with next season. Use RV anti-freeze in the plumbing system to ensure proper protection.
  • Check all sealants throughout the RV. That means all seals on all systems, including your windows and doors. This helps to keep moisture out and also helps to minimize the risk that you’ll have pests trying to come into the RV during the cold months. Seal all vents, and when needed, replace all seals.
  • Remove all food from the RV. That’s also a good way to help ensure rodents don’t make their way into your unit. Make sure to sweep well and mop to remove any sticky substances that may not be obvious.
  • Remove the RV battery and store it in a more temperature-controlled area. It is also a good idea to ensure it remains dry throughout the winter months since that can reduce the risk of the battery losing its charge.
  • Make sure the RV’s tires are in good condition. This is also the right time to air up the tires so they reach the maximum recommended PSI for your vehicle. Doing this will help to minimize damage to them over time.

Be sure to read through the owner’s manual to check off all of the maintenance tasks required. This is a very good time to check in with your local RV dealer as they will provide winterizing services to save you time and give you peace of mind of having it done by a professional. That way, it’s ready to go later.

Make a Goal List for the Year

With the end of the RV season upon you, this is a good time to consider upgrades and changes to your RV. You may want to add some modifications to the engine or the design, replace appliances that may be outdated, or tackle any repairs. Many RV remodelling and upgrade companies have time during the winter to handle these tasks, especially if you get your vehicle in early in the off-season.

Update Your RV Insurance

Now is the best time to update your RV’s insurance policy. Doing so will help ensure that you have a policy that is comprehensive and meets your needs. You never want to drop your RV insurance during the off season. Doing so leaves your RV vulnerable to risks such as fire, theft, vandalism, and wind. Many claims occur when RVs are not in use. 

Be sure to do this before the year ends. That way, you can rest assured that you will get the best coverage in place affordably.

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