Date Published: 2024/02/12

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Why is insurance cheaper through a broker?

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It’s important to have the right insurance coverage to protect yourself and the things you love. However, navigating the complex world of insurance can be challenging. That's where an insurance broker comes in. An insurance broker is a licensed professional who provides expert advice, unbiased guidance, and a wide range of options to help you find the insurance protection that is right for you. 

In this article, we will explore the differences between an insurance broker and an insurance agent, the benefits of working with a broker and how a broker can help you save on your insurance.

What is an insurance broker?

An insurance broker is a licensed professional who works for you, the insured, not the insurance company. Brokers provide expert, unbiased advice on insuring your home, car, other vehicles, and belongings. Unlike insurance agents, who work for a specific insurance provider, insurance brokers work with multiple insurance companies to provide you with lots of options. An insurance broker’s main purpose is to help you find the insurance protection that is right for your needs and budget.

Why insurance may be cheaper through a broker

When you work with an insurance broker, you have access to a wide range of insurance products and price comparisons from many different insurance companies. This allows your broker to help you find the best coverage at the best price. Insurance brokers can also help you save money by finding discounts and opportunities to bundle your policies. In contrast, buying insurance directly from an insurance company limits your options and may result in higher premiums.

Additional benefits of working with an insurance broker

In addition to cost savings, working with an insurance broker has several benefits, including:

  • Expert advice. Insurance brokers are experts in their field. They have in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry and offer professional guidance to help you make the best decisions about your coverage.
  • Unbiased recommendations. Insurance brokers are not tied to any specific insurance company. They work for you, not the insurance provider. This means they can provide impartial advice on the best insurance policies for your needs and budget.
  • Time savings. Insurance brokers represent multiple insurance carriers, meaning they can provide you with a comprehensive list of options and save you hours of research time.
  • Claim assistance. If you need to make a claim, an insurance broker can assist you with the claims process. They will serve as your advocate and help you get the compensation you deserve. Learn more about making a claim at home or making a claim on the road.
  • Continuous care. Insurance brokers can help you with your insurance needs year-round. Whether you need to renew your policies, make changes, or ask questions about your coverage, your insurance broker is there to provide you with ongoing support.

There are many benefits to working with an insurance broker. Brokers provide expert advice, unbiased guidance and a wide range of options to help you find the insurance coverage that’s right for you. You can also typically find cheaper insurance through a broker as brokers have access to many different insurance products from multiple providers and can identify opportunities for policy bundling and other discounts. If you're looking for insurance, consider working with a broker to ensure you have the right coverage at the best price.

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